2019 ODT Forum—Memphis, Tenn. 

DATE: Thursday, April 11

Location: FedEx Institute of Technology at The University of Memphis

Roy Smith, GMMDC Executive Director, will give an introduction to the medical device industry in this area. You will not want to miss this insightful day of information on the medical device industry.


Focusing on the design, development, and manufacture of orthopedic devices, instruments, and implants coupled with a keen awareness of challenges associated with the space, Orthopedic Design and Technology’s conference series—the ODT Forum—returns to Memphis as a high-level networking and educational event. These highly informative symposiums address critical issues impacting multiple stakeholders within the industry. Graciously hosted by the FedEx Institute of Technology on the grounds of the University of Memphis, this year’s Forum will simultaneously highlight the appeal of the region for orthopedic technology development while tackling a number of the most significant issues for today’s orthopedic manufacturers.

Against the backdrop of such an impressive location, this interactive networking and educational event will partner local experts with out-of-state industry thought leaders—OEMs, contract manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, members of the investment community, and academia—for a unique forum to discuss critical industry topics and offer tools to compete and grow in today’s challenging business climate.

To register for this event: http://odtforum.com/attendee-registration/