The Greater Memphis Medical Device Council (GMMDC) was established in 2014 as a nonprofit 501(C)(6) membership organization based in Bartlett, TN.

In 2019 the Council now serves as a benchmark model of success in their efforts to organize the regional medical device industry by combining their collective expertise, educational needs and workforce opportunities to achieve a solution for sustainable economic growth.

Accomplishments 2014-2021

  1. Facilitated bringing together a diverse group of competing companies to address the skills gap for CNC machining and other job skills within the medical device industry.
  2. Standardized the Machining curriculum with area training providers.
  3. Established a Department of Labor accredited Machining Apprenticeship the National Institute for Metalworking Skills, Inc. (NIMS), and the American National Standards Institute Core (required) competencies are industry designed and validated.
  1. Established website that serves as a portal into the local industry.
  2. Created a network that allowed local industry professionals to communicate and work with one another.
  3. Became a strong partner with local, state and federal policy makers regarding workforce initiatives.
  4. Published the GMMDC Journal that highlighted the local industry’s history, accomplishments and advancements.
  5. Served as the catalyst for Bartlett, Arlington and Shelby County High Schools receiving CTE grants for new CNC Machine Shops.
  6. GMMDC was instrumental in TCAT receiving a State grant to fund the 48,000-square-foot Bartlett campus, which includes a state-of-the-art CNC training center with the ability to instruct 350 to 400 students.
  7. Partnered with GMACW, Southwest Tennessee Community College, TCAT Memphis, Moore Tech, ASU Mid-South, and University of Memphis, Bartlett Area Chamber, WIN and Memphis Chamber on the Americas Promise Move Hire Grant.
  8. Organized and facilitated the annual NexGen Expo for over 250-300 area high school students to tour colleges and speak to Medical Device industry employers about career opportunities.
  9. Facilitated getting resumes from training providers for member companies.
  10. Assisted with the Manufacturing Day planning committee and participated in the annual Manufacturing Day to help students identify potential career paths.
  11. Partnered with Shelby County Schools and area Municipality schools for career fairs, Career Chat, Medical Device company tours and expos to educate students on opportunities in the industry.
  12. Continue to serve as a partner with other economic development agencies in attracting new businesses to the Memphis area.
  13. Established relationship with Naval Support Activity Mid-South for veterans and spouses retiring from service.
  14. Established relationships with Veterans Employment Representative for the medical device industry.
  15. Serves on the Southwest TN Community College Mechanical Engineering Technology – Industry Advisory Committee.
  16. Established committees to work on projects addressing skillset curriculums in addition to machining.
  17. Work with employer’s human resource departments to establish common threads and acceptable common standards for apprentices.
  18. Facilitate government officials, (municipal, county, state and federal) touring new TCAT Bartlett facility and Medical Device companies.
  19. Work with workforce development agencies including Workforce Mid-South (formerly WIN), TN Dept. of Labor, US Dept. of Labor, Hope Works and other groups dedicated to developing career pathways. 

Curriculum & Apprenticeship Committee

The most important work for this committee is to provide professional expertise, industry experience and counsel as related to the ongoing process of creating new or more effective apprenticeship programs beyond Machining, which is currently in place. The recruitment of additional participating medical device and associated companies is another critical component and responsibility of the membership.

Continuing Education Committee

This committee will stay in touch with area medical device companies to identify their continuing education needs and develop ways to offer training and updated industry trends information for their employees.

Administration & Finance Committee

Members of this committee help to insure the viability of the GMMDC by reviewing the organization’s various revenue streams, memberships, events, grants and major donors. Recommendations are made regarding opportunities to help grow the organization. An annual budget with anticipated income and expenditures are presented to the Board for approval.

Student Outreach Committee

This committee is tasked with spreading the news about the many advantages of pursuing a career in the medical device industry. Members will identify new publication resources and social media programs to help the GMMDC educate the general public, parents, teachers, students and academic administrators on available opportunities.

Membership & Events Committee

Participants working on this committee play a vital role by identifying and soliciting their peers to be members of the GMMDC, and creating ways for existing members to contribute more of their skills and talents to the organization. Development of effective strategies for increasing membership and maintaining existing member participation is an important part of this committee. Members also create additional opportunities for the GMMDC membership to interact with one another at various social and professional events. Recognition of those members who have made substantial contributions to the growth and prestige of the medical device industry is a vital component of this Committee.

Marketing & Communications Committee

This committee is responsible for the development and reinforcement of the GMMDC brand through creative promotions that continuously spotlight the industry’s accomplishments and economic contributions to the community. They also serve as generators for effective and positive public outreach campaigns to highlight the various GMMDC initiatives for the medical device industry, education partners and local communities.

Legislative Affairs Committee

This committee helps to educate elected officials about the importance of the medical device industry as an economic development engine for the State of Tennessee. Members serve as advocates for the industry, and represent the interests and concerns of medical device companies on the local, state and federal levels.

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