The Vision of the Greater Memphis Medical Device Council is to advocate for progressive changes that foster sustained economic growth and support the development of a comprehensive, world-class workforce serving the Memphis area biomedical industry

The Mission of the Greater Memphis Medical Device Council is to create a successful collaboration among member companies to identify shared economic development and workforce needs. This industry led initiative will advocate with state, local and federal entities, economic development agencies and educational institutions to effectively close the workforce gap for all levels of biomedical careers and support sustained industry growth.

Smith & Nephew is our Pinnacle Member

Smith+Nephew is a portfolio medical technology company focused on the repair, regeneration and placement of soft and hard tissue. They exsist to restore people’s bodies and their self-belief by using technology to take the limits off living. 

“The GMMDC Board is excited to announce the hiring of Chris as our new executive director,” says board member Patrick Fisher, who is vice president and general manager Foot and Ankle at Stryker. “He’s an experienced leader who brings an excellent track record of success as well as an entrepreneurial mindset to our team.”

Patrick Fisher

Vice President and GM, Foot and Ankle at Stryker

The Greater Memphis Medical Device Council held a Leadership Update and Reception at Duck’s Unlimited in Memphis on August 22nd, 2023.  The Executive Committee of the Board gave an update on the strategic direction of the GMMDC and introduced the new Executive Director, Chris Locke for all members and potential members and guests in attendance.  We want to give a big shout and thank you to all our medical device industry colleagues in attendance.  We look forward to more events and opportunities to network in the futre


Providing opportunities for individuals to obtain valuable training classes
and corporate resources while seeking a rewarding and lucrative career in the Medical Device Industry.


Joining the GMMDC network of professional educators, corporate mentors
and innovative entrepreneurs allows you to serve in a leading role
to advance the work of the largest exporter in Tennessee – the Medical Device industry.



Creating specialized training, education curriculum and tuition funding resources for the critical workforce needed to enhance and sustain the Medical Device industry in the Memphis area.

More than 55 life science companies are located in the Memphis area and they are hiring individuals seeking a rewarding career. While still in high school, students can use the Tennessee Promise grant and dual enrollment classes to complete a diploma in vocational training, and then go directly into a job or an apprenticeship – with no college debt! College students may receive the same grant opportunities and extra credit for courses already completed.

The medical device industry enables workers to become a part of breakthrough treatment options that improve the quality of life for millions of people. A career in this unique industry offers individuals an opportunity to experience new discoveries, meaningful work and innovative technologies. There are dozens of diverse jobs available in the development, design, manufacturing and delivery of medical devices.

We have educational resources that help with tuition, child care, resume writing, job counseling and job interviews.  Contact the GMMDC for assistance in taking your career to the next level of expertise and satisfaction.

Our honored veterans often find it difficult to find a way back to civilian employment and we’re here to help. Your dedication, service for our country, specialized skills and past experience are valued and rewarded in the medical device industry. We’ll provide you with educational programs to train and fine tune your special skills. And most of the tuition will be paid through grants and any military re-entry program provided to you.

Contact the GMMDC office today for more information. We need your expertise.

Medical Device Industry

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Employee Testimonials

Meet the Memphis-area residents building a career and future in the local medical device industry.

From machinist to business owners, the medical device industry offers multiple paths to the Memphis area workforce.

  • Machinist Level 1
  • Machinist Level 2
  • Company President/Owner
  • Senior Machinist
  • The Production of a Medical Device
Medical Device Industry

The Medical Device Industry Accounts for More than $2.2 Billion in Economic Impact

Our Biotech and Medical Device Companies generate more than $ 46 million in annual taxes for local and State governments and produce 17,000 regional jobs.

Medical Device Industry News

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